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Admission Process
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Dear Future parents of Casa Montessori

We Thank you for your emails requesting further details of our admission process.

Please note that we have delayed our admission process until we have some clarity on the COVID issue and when our preschools will finally be opening.                                                                             

 Also, we are  awaiting more clarity about the New Educational Policy and the age of entry into preschools.

Therefore we are not presently issuing forms but please follow the procedure shown below

1/ Check your child's Age Eligibility .

Our present age eligibility is that the child should be minimim 2 years complete  by 30 Sept 2021.  (child to be born between 1/10/2018 and 30/9/2019)

(However this may change once we have clarity on whether other preschools and high schools are changing their admission dates in accordance with the new educational policy.) Presently you may consider the age as per what is written above.  In case there is a change we will inform you.

2/ Send us an email(address given below) as follows:

For Subject pls write  “ADMISSION  2021” 

In the  body of the email pls write v briefly the following information in this exact format- no long essay type paragraphs please. (Just copy/paste and add details)

To Casa Montessori

We are interested for admission of our son/daughter for 2021 and here are our details.

  • Full name of child.                                      
  • Male/Female
  • Date of birth of the child
  • If sibling, write sibling name and year he/she was in Casa Montessori
  • Residence Address  and  cell no.
  • Name of Mother and present occupation
  •   Name of Father and present occupation.
  • Are either Mother or Father ex-students of Casa Montessori.  If you remember, please give the year.

6.       If possible please give references from any TWO past or present Casa Montessori  parents giving:

  •  Name of ex /present parent
  •  Name of ex/ present CasaM child
  • Year their child was in Casa
  • How you know them (e.g neighbour ,friend , brother etc)

Once we have your email on record we will keep you updated on the way forward.

Thank You for your interest in Casa Montessori.


Nazneen Dubash



School tel no    022-22021356 (school is closed so there is no one to answer the telephone..pls use email)

School email    casamontessori.mumbai@gmail.com

 School Address 

Oceana Ground Floor,

Next to Hotel Marine Plaza,

214 Marine Drive, Mumbai 400020